Case Study: How I Made over $50,000 a Year with Football Subreddits

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and content creation, I found a creative way to merge my love for fotball with the potential of Reddit accounts to build a profitable online business.

This case study outlines how I used video content, social media, and targeted marketing to generate a significant income.

As an avid Football enthusiast and entrepreneur at heart, I set out on a mission to monetize my love for the game. My goal was simple yet ambitious: capture the excitement of Football moments and share them online to engage a wide audience and, ultimately, generate revenue.

reddit account case study

Case Study: How I made $4,000 per month with Football Subreddits

I embarked on this venture with a structured multi-step process:

  1. Website Development: I built a video-sharing platform akin to This was achieved by hiring a skilled coder or tackling it myself as a DIY project.
  2. Hosting Selection: I opted for a DMCA-ignored server or VPS, ensuring it had sufficient bandwidth and a 10gbps port to handle heavy traffic.
  3. Social Media Accounts: Understanding the power of social media reach, I acquired aged accounts on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook to enhance credibility and expand my audience.
    I use Upvote for boosting the initial post upvotes.
  4. Domain Purchase: I registered a domain through popular services like GoDaddy or Namecheap.
  5. Monetization: Setting up an AdSense account was crucial for monetizing the website traffic I anticipated.
  6. Content Creation Tools: OBS became my go-to tool for recording live football games, capturing the thrill of each match.
  7. Subscription Services: To get real-time access to football matches, I subscribed to IPTV or cable TV services, ensuring I wouldn’t miss any live action.
  8. High-Speed Internet: A stable and fast internet connection was essential for seamless content upload and management.

The core of my business involved immersing myself in live football games. I meticulously recorded goals and key highlights, familiarizing myself with player names and important game details.

With OBS’s Replay Buffer feature, I captured the last 30 seconds of action right after a goal, ensuring the most exciting moments were not missed.

This is a great example for you:

reddit football case study post

This is another great example post, which is gaining a ton of traffic overnight:

reddit football case study post 2

How to Generate Traffic with Reddit Accounts?

  • I uploaded the videos to my site and crafted engaging posts on r/soccer and other related subreddits.
    To get to the top faster guaranty, buy some upvotes.
    Post format should look like this: Real Madrid [3] - 1 Barcelona - Vinicius Jr. penalty 38'
  • Normally, in some big matches, you gain get up to 10k upvotes and bring at least 1M traffic, meaning you can gain at least $500 with the $0.5 CPM.
  • Under each Reddit post, I made the most of mirror clip comments for additional traffic, tapping into the community’s demand for instant replays.

Facebook and Twitter

  1. Share your video links on Twitter and Facebook groups with a substantial member base. These groups are filled with passionate soccer fans eager to watch their favorite team’s goals. Join groups associated with major soccer teams like Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, PSG, Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona FC, and Bayern Munich.
  2. Use hashtags wisely. Every match has its unique hashtag. When posting on Twitter, include the relevant hashtag alongside your tweet. For instance, if Manchester United is playing against Tottenham, the hashtag might be something like #MNUTOT. This hashtag attracts a significant number of visitors.
  3. Timing is crucial. Tweet as soon as a goal is scored. Prompt sharing ensures you get as many visitors as possible.

Ad Networks

I chose AdSense for its high eCPM, but kept options like or Ezoic in mind as alternatives. My focus was on optimizing web pages for mobile traffic, using ad sizes that would appeal most to mobile users.


  • Traffic: My efforts paid off, attracting between 1M-5M visitors per month.
  • Revenue: Within a year, I had earned over $50,000, mainly by dedicating time on weekends.
  • Content Focus: I concentrated on popular leagues like Serie A and the Premier League, as they brought in the most revenue.
  • Expansion: To keep up with the growing demands of my business, I hired two full-time virtual assistants. They took over the tasks of recording clips, uploading them to my site, and sharing the links across Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook groups.


This journey of combining my personal passion for Football with strategic online marketing has been both fulfilling and profitable.

My approach to capturing and sharing Football highlights, along with smart use of social media and effective monetization strategies, underscores the potential of niche content marketing in today’s digital landscape. It’s a testament to how aligning personal interests with the right digital tools and platforms can lead to remarkable success.

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