Refund Policy

We only refund you or replace the purchased accounts with the following cases:

  1. The karmas of the account are not as we showed on the store.
  2. Within the first 48 hours, you cannot login using the login details, or cannot change the account password with the given email address.
  3. Within the first 48 hours, your account is shadowbanned before you log in. Make sure to check before you log in by visiting (replace test with your account username).
    This applies to both high karma and blank accounts.
  4. Within the first 48 hours, If your account somehow still gets shadowbanned even after you follow our instructions, we will refund 50% of the account value.
    This only applies to high karma accounts.
  5. The account was banned by Reddit before that. In some cases, the accounts might get banned in some small subreddits during our “growing” progression. This doesn’t affect the quality of the accounts in any way.
  6. We stop to provide the service which you already made a payment to us.

We do not provide refund in these cases:

  • You do not follow our recommendations regarding IP Address, Devices, Browsers, etc.
  • You spam Reddit.
  • You broke the Reddit rules.
  • Blank Accounts, which are already super cheap for the quality.
  • Wallet Funds:
    • Only support refunds If we stop providing services.
    • The refund amount does not include the bonus credits.

Thank you for choosing our services.