Is Reddit Down? I Cannot Sign In To My Account

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is reddit down

Is Reddit down?

The current Reddit status is RUNNING

We checked the official Reddit Status Page 2 min. ago.

Is Reddit Unavailable or Is It Just You?

The tool you see above offers an instant snapshot of how Reddit has been doing in the last 24 hours, thanks to our automated monitoring.

What Our Observations Reveal About Reddit’s Condition

We’ve been actively monitoring Reddit by pinging it from our servers. The outcomes displayed above are the real-time results we’ve gathered. So, if you find Reddit inaccessible, don’t worry—you’re not the only one. It might be due to server hiccups, network snags, or perhaps routine upkeep.

Our Long-Term Watch on Reddit

We started tracking Reddit back in May 2021. Over these 2 years, we’ve logged information on more than 315 outages that impacted Reddit users. Reddit’s own status page provides updates for 7 distinct elements and two categories, marked by four status indicators: online, caution, offline, and under maintenance. We use this info to offer you precise uptime stats and timely notifications.

Who’s Keeping Tabs?

More than 3,100 individuals count on our service to stay informed about Reddit’s availability, outages, or maintenance periods. We’ve dispatched over 15,200 alerts to keep our community well-informed.

Can’t Log In Using Your Reddit Accounts? Here’s Your Troubleshooting Guide

Browser-Related Fixes

  • Refresh: Use CTRL + F5 to reload the webpage on your go-to browser.
  • Alternate URLs: Try other versions like or
  • Cache Cleanup: Ensure you’re viewing the most recent site version by clearing your browser cache.

DNS-Related Solutions

  • DNS Flush: To clear your local DNS cache, open Command Prompt on Windows and enter “ipconfig /flushdns.”
  • Switch DNS: If Reddit works on a different network, think about using a public DNS like OpenDNS or Google Public DNS.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Reddit Offline?: As of a couple of minutes ago, Reddit is operational.
  • Any Outages Today?: Zero outages in the past day.
  • Still Facing Issues?: Consult Reddit’s official status page, Twitter feed, or check if other users are experiencing similar problems.

Need Additional Assistance?

  • Contact Reddit: You can tweet them or look for help on their official website.
  • Stay in the Loop: Bookmark this page (Ctrl + D) for real-time updates.

Why Opt for Us Instead of Reddit’s Official Status Page?

We compile status updates from various platforms, offering you a comprehensive view of your digital world. Receive notifications through email, Slack, or Discord. More info available here.

Reddit Claims All’s Good, But You’re Not Convinced?

If Reddit’s status page indicates no issues but you’re still facing problems, the reasons could be:

  • An undisclosed service interruption
  • A regional glitch
  • An issue on your side

In such cases, we suggest contacting Reddit’s customer support or sending them a tweet at @reddit.

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