Please reset the password using the email we provided. In some cases, Reddit temporarily blocks login on new devices for security reasons.

Don’t worry, just press next and follow the instructions on the screen.

Yes, you do need to warm up when logging in on a new device, please refer to our instructions for details.

The account was created and is managed in the US.

You should log in using a US proxy + anti-detect browser because Reddit bans the use of multiple accounts.

Even if your previous account was banned, deleted, or logged out, you should not use the same IP with it.

Please read the instructions for details.

Yes, you should change both the Reddit account password and the email password (changing the email of the Reddit account is not recommended).

But do this at least after 24 hours of logging in. To be extra cautious, enable 2FA.

Check the notification on your Reddit account, it’s usually just a temporary suspension requiring a password reset for security reasons.

The new Reddit interface has not been fully updated, so the display is not completely comprehensive on the homepage.

If the questions above have not helped you, please contact us via Telegram, Live chat, or Skype. Additionally, you can contact us by email if needed (we encourage contacting us through Telegram for the fastest support).

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