Complete List of All Reddit Terms and Slang

In this blog post, we’ll sail through the sea of Reddit slang and terms with ‘OPs,’ dodge the ‘NSFWs,’ unravel the mystery of ‘ELI5s,’ and together, learn to speak fluent ‘Reddinese.’ to make your Reddit journey less intimidating and a lot more fun.

So, without further ado, let’s set sail and explore the intriguing idiosyncrasies of the Reddit lexicon!

Complete List of Reddit Slang and Terms

AltA secondary user account.
AMAStands for “Ask Me Anything.” It’s a format for interactive interviews.
AMAAShort for “Ask Me Almost Anything.”
At a [0-10]A lighthearted scale of how relaxed you feel after using cannabis. ‘0’ being not relaxed at all, and ’10’ being very relaxed.
BennedA playful way of saying “banned.”
Brave or So BraveA tongue-in-cheek phrase used when someone states a widely accepted opinion.
BronyA male fan of the cartoon show, My Little Pony.
CakedayThe anniversary of the day a user joined Reddit.
CirclejerkA group of people excessively praising each other’s beliefs while rejecting outside opinions.
CrosspostIndicates the post was also shared in another subreddit.
Ctrl-FA method of searching for specific text in a thread.
DAEStands for “Does Anyone Else.” Used when seeking common experiences.
DefaultsThe top twenty subreddits shown to users who aren’t logged in.
EDITWhen a user alters their original comment after posting it.
ELI5Stands for “Explain Like I’m 5.” A request for simple explanations.
EntA term for a marijuana user, derived from a fantasy creature in Lord of the Rings.
ETAStands for “Edited to add.” Similar to EDIT.
F7U12An abbreviation of a popular subreddit featuring humorous comics.
FapA colloquial term for masturbation.
FlairA special tag or symbol next to a user’s name in specific subreddits.
[FIXED]An improved or updated version of a previously posted content.
Forever aloneDescribes someone with no romantic partner and potentially limited social skills.
FTAShort for “From The Article.”
FTFYStands for “Fixed That For You.” A playful correction or modification of a previous comment.
GWAn abbreviation for “Gone Wild,” a subreddit featuring adult content.
HivemindA collective consciousness, usually referring to the majority of Reddit users.
IAMAShort for “I Am A.” A format for interviews where users can ask questions.
IMOAbbreviation for “In My Opinion.”
IMHOShort for “In My Humble (or Honest) Opinion.”
IIRCStands for “If I Recall Correctly.”
ITTAbbreviation for “In This Thread.”
KarmaReddit’s point system for user participation. Upvotes increase karma, downvotes decrease it.
KarmawhoreA user who posts content mainly to gain karma points.
Meta-subs or meta-redditsSubreddits that discuss Reddit itself.
MICAbbreviation for “More In Comments.”
ModA moderator of a subreddit, who has the power to manage posts and comments.
MRAShort for “Men’s Rights Activist.”
NeckbeardA derogatory term for a stereotypical Reddit user, implying poor hygiene and social awareness.
NinjaeditA quick correction made to a comment that leaves no trace of editing.
Novelty accountAn account created for a specific humorous or thematic purpose.
NSFWShort for “Not Safe For Work.” Indicates content with explicit or adult themes.
NSFLAbbreviation for “Not Safe For Life,” usually a warning for extremely graphic content.
OPShort for “Original Poster.” The user who started the thread.
OrangeredThe color of your message icon when you have unread messages.
Power userA user who is recognized by a large group on Reddit for their frequent and influential participation.
Pun threadA string of comments that all involve puns related to the original topic.
Reddit switcharooA playful reversal of elements in a comment for comedic effect.
ReddiquetteThe guidelines for conduct and posting on Reddit.
Relevant usernameWhen a user’s name relates to their comment or post in a funny or fitting way.
RepostSharing content that has already been posted on Reddit.
RESShort for “Reddit Enhancement Suite,” a browser extension that enhances Reddit’s interface.
RTFAAbbreviation for “Read the fucking article.”
Shadow-banA secretive form of banning where the user’s posts are invisible to everyone but themselves.
ShitpostA post that doesn’t contribute value, often due to being off-topic or redundant.
SockpuppetA secondary account used to express controversial opinions or deceive other users.
SpamfilterA system that filters out potential spam posts.
SJWShort for “Social Justice Warrior.” Used pejoratively to describe individuals who aggressively advocate for social justice issues.
SRDAbbreviation for “Subreddit Drama.”
SRSShort for “Shit Reddit Says,” a subreddit known for its social justice focus and controversial opinions.
SubA specific subreddit.
That’s the jokeA response when someone overly explains a joke.
THISA way to express agreement or highlight a previous comment.
TL;DRStands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” A short summary of a long post or article.
TOSAbbreviation for “Terms of Service.”
TrollingThe act of intentionally provoking or upsetting others online.
UpvoteA mechanism for users to express agreement or appreciation for a post or comment.
UpronA playful version of “upvote.”
WIPStands for “Work In Progress.”
X-PostIndicates a post has been shared in another subreddit; short for “crosspost.”
YMMVShort for “Your Mileage May Vary.” A term used to express that experiences and results may vary between individuals.
YSKStands for “You Should Know.” Used to share helpful or essential information with others.
reddit slang and terms

You should use slang in Reddit posts and comments

Using Reddit’s unique slang and terms is more than just a fun novelty. It’s a key part of engaging with the community, and here’s why:

1. Bridging the Gap: First up, using Reddit slang helps you connect better with fellow Redditors. It’s similar to how sharing in-jokes brings friends closer. When you use and understand Reddit slang, you’re showing that you’re a part of the community, not just an observer. It’s an unwritten badge of belonging that helps you build relationships and rapport with other users.

2. Navigating the Platform with Ease: Many of the slang terms used on Reddit have specific meanings that can help you understand the context of discussions and threads more clearly. They act like shortcuts in a maze, guiding you through the vast Reddit landscape. Using them can make your Reddit experience more efficient and enjoyable.

3. Encouraging Engagement: Slang is not just a communication tool; it’s a conversation starter. Using a ‘TIL’ (Today I Learned) or an ‘ELI5’ (Explain Like I’m Five) can stimulate conversations and increase engagement on your posts. It’s like a friendly wave inviting others to join your discussion.

4. Expressing More in Less: Like any language, Reddit’s slang allows you to express complex thoughts succinctly. An ‘OP’ (Original Poster) or a ‘DM’ (Direct Message) can save you time and space, keeping your communication crisp, clear, and to the point.

5. Adding a Fun Element: Lastly, let’s not forget the fun aspect! Using Reddit slang adds a layer of enjoyment to the experience. It makes you feel like you’re part of a secret club with its own special language. Plus, who doesn’t love discovering the meaning behind a new, quirky term?


We’ve braved the waves of ‘OPs’, ‘TILs’, and ‘IAMA’s together, and now, you’re not just a mere tourist, but a true explorer in the vast realm of ‘Reddinese.’

You’re now equipped with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the sea of conversations, debates, and threads that make Reddit such an extraordinary community. No longer will these cryptic acronyms and phrases make you feel like an outsider. You’re a part of the crowd now, a bona fide Redditor!

Remember, language is a living entity that evolves continually. Reddit is no exception, with new slang and lingo popping up regularly. So, stay curious, keep exploring, and don’t be afraid to ask when you encounter a term you’re not familiar with. After all, every ‘TIL’ (Today I Learned) enriches your Reddit experience.

We hope this guide has been helpful and made your Reddit journey more enjoyable. If there’s a particular Reddit slang you’re curious about that we didn’t cover, feel free to drop a comment below. We’re all about continuous learning here!

Until our next adventure, happy Redditing, and remember – the ‘Cake Day’ is always just around the corner!