What are Reddit Bots That Are Following Me?

Reddit users have recently noticed an influx of bot followers on their accounts. These bots, often associated with pornographic content, have been following users en masse, leading to confusion and concern.

In this article, we are going to show you how it happens and what you should do in such cases.

reddit bots

Why are bots following my Reddit accounts?

The bots are following your Reddit accounts because of spam or scam. They follow you, hoping to find someone curious enough to click and engage.

Depending on the type of spam or scam, they may try to subscribe the user to an expensive service, convince them to send money, or even download malicious software that could turn the user’s computer into a zombie controlling other bot accounts, to hack your account or mining cryptocurrency.

How to Deal with the Bots

Users have shared various ways to deal with these bots. Some of the solutions include:

  1. Turning Off Followers: Users can turn off followers from their profile settings to prevent bots from following them.
  2. Blocking and Reporting: If users want to keep the follower feature on, they’ll have to keep blocking the bots and report them through Reddit’s report page.
turn off profile follow

The Impact on Users

While these bots won’t harm users unless engaged with, many question whether having these bot followers causes any problems or impacts other legitimate Redditors from finding and engaging with their content.

They are also super annoying as they keep sending you messages every day.

Some users have speculated that visiting certain parts of Reddit may lead to bots scraping data and adding users to a database.


The sudden surge of bot followers on Reddit is a concerning trend that has left many users puzzled and seeking answers. While there are ways to deal with these bots, the underlying cause and the effectiveness of Reddit’s measures to weed them out remain questions that need addressing.

It is advised to be cautious and take appropriate actions to protect themselves from potential scams.